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This is a collaborative storytelling site.  You, the readers, help write the story by giving me 5 random words.  I take those words, set a timer for 10 minutes and write a story.   The stories are written together using both your imagination and mine.

Some of the stories continue, but if you would like your 5 words to start your own story, let me know.   You could start me off with a title and a setting if you want to really collaborate.

I can also write you a song, or a poem using your 5 words.

You can give me your own 5 words here.  Or you can enter them on a google doc I created by clicking this link.

New Stories

Advice from Dr. Rasheed

1. A visit to Dr. Rasheed – what happened to the love?
2. Allison relays a very strange dream to Dr. Rasheed – does it have any meaning?
3. Allison needs help dealing with difficult people – how does Dr. Rasheed help her?
4. Allison gets a feeling of nostalgia – time, distance and the meaning of connections
5. Allison tells Dr. Rasheed about a recent loss and seeks help with moving on
6. Allison hesitates to open up to Dr. Rasheed.


The Adventures of Lik

Part 1

1: Lik’s display goes haywire
2: Lik passes out and wakes up in a strange place
3: Lik talks to the purple bird
4: Lik heads east and finds a cup
5: The raven hangs the laundry out to dry
6: Lik wanders into a hut
7: Lik hears a telephone and finds the outlet
8: A tiny man tells of a tale of the creed from a time before time
9. Tiny Man Sevrin tells Lik a story about Axel and Daisy and their mission of peace

What do you say?

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